XPEL Marine Ceramic Coating & Detailing in Columbus: Protect & Shine Your Vessel

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Dive into XPEL’s Premium Marine Ceramic Coating & Detailing Services in Columbus

Navigating the waters in style just got better with Detail Pro Shop. Experience the unbeatable blend of protection and polish that XPEL’s marine ceramic coating and detailing offer to boat owners local to Columbus, and beyond.

Why Boat Enthusiasts Trust XPEL’s Marine Solutions with Detail Pro Shop:

Lasting Shine: XPEL’s marine ceramic coating provides a remarkable hydrophobic finish, ensuring water effortlessly beads off, highlighting a radiant shine even in the harshest aquatic conditions.

Ocean-Grade Protection: Guard your vessel against harmful UV rays, saltwater erosion, and marine contaminants with XPEL’s specialized coating.

Detailing Precision: Our XPEL-endorsed detailing service breathes life back into boats, rejuvenating interiors and exteriors to a pristine state.

Reduced Maintenance: Spend more time enjoying the sea and less time cleaning. XPEL’s ceramic coat makes it difficult for algae, mollusks and grime to cling.

Our XPEL Marine Service Packages

Exterior: Full marine ceramic coating from the tower down to the waterline.

Interior: Complete UV protection for the seats, floors and console area

Set Sail with Confidence with XPEL Marine Ceramic Coating & Detailing

Ready to give your boat the care and protection it deserves? Cast anchor at Detail Pro Shop and discover how XPEL’s marine solutions can redefine your maritime experience.

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