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Get Professional Car Detailing in Columbus, Ohio
If you are searching for expert car detailing in Columbus, Ohio, we are your best source. Detail Pro Shop is a full-service auto detailing company.

Car Detailing in Columbus, Ohio
Detail Pro Shop is a full-service family-owned vehicle detailing business. We provide our customers with in-depth vehicle cleaning solutions. Whether we are detailing your vehicle’s interior or exterior surface, we offer the highest level of quality and customer service.

Our services include ceramic coating, paint protection film, clear bra for cars, window tinting, leather upholstery, marine protection, and more.

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Ceramic Coating in Columbus, Ohio
Ceramic coating is a professional-grade, nano-particle solution. When applied to the surface of your vehicle it forms a strong bond. It is the best alternative to traditional sealants and waxes. The difference is ceramic coatings usually come with a warranty.

These ceramic coatings are a type of silica di-oxide (SiO2), a chemical that suspends and separates in the bottle. When applied, this formulation separates chemicals and evaporates. This leaves the SiO2 on the surface of the vehicle, which starts to cure and bond immediately.

Ceramic coatings are not all the same. In fact, many of those found in stores may seem easy to apply by any DIYer, but it is difficult to prep for coating. Thus, you must also know how to apply ceramic coating to proportionate its bonding strength and durability.

Our team is experts in applying ceramic coating and completing the leveling process. So the application won’t result in a blotchy, uneven finish.

Paint Protection Film in Columbus, Ohio
Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a urethane transparent layer that protects the paint. It protects against everyday damage, scratches, scuffs, rock chips, swirls, and more.

Designed to be resilient, PPF is lightweight and replaceable. Made from self-heating elastomeric polyurethane, PPF prevents scuffs, scratches, and swirl marks.

Our paint film protection is stain resistant, prevents wear and tear, and will not discolor or turn yellow with UV exposure. Thus, you won’t have to worry about splotches, spots, chips, scratches, specs, or nicks from sharp elements or contaminants.

Clear Bra for Car in Columbus, Ohio
A car clear bra is a transparent, thermoplastic, elastomeric polyurethane material. We apply it to a vehicle’s painted surface to prevent scratches, dings, or chips. It is like a car’s second skin, providing real protection.

Traditional clear bras are transparent, so the beauty of the surface paint is visible. But, with recent advances in clear bra technology, it now adds a matte or glossy finish.

Window Tinting in Columbus, Ohio
Window Tint improves your travel experience and has more benefits. It increases privacy and reduces glare, and infra-red heat, while keeping your eyes and skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Also, it improves fuel efficiency since your vehicle will remain cool without having to use the AC. It also prevents accidents caused by excessive glare or bright sun rays. And tinted windows increase the value of your vehicle while improving your car’s visual appearance.

Our window tint uses a hybrid construction that doesn’t interfere with cellular waves, radio frequencies, or Bluetooth signals.

Leather Upholstery in Columbus, Ohio
Detail Pro Shop offers auto seat upholstery repair, restoration, reupholstery, cleaning, and conditioning. We also repair tears, scratches, wears, stains, cigarette burns, and more, on vinyl, leather, or fabric upholstery.

This allows you to maintain not only comfortable seating in your vehicle but also personalize your interior’s look and feel. Choose from a wide variety of quality durable, yet soft supple upholstery materials. Our leathers meet or beat aftermarket auto interior colorfastness standards.

We do car seats, boat seats, leather seat covers, bike seats, and any other interior seats. Our expert reupholstery team applies professional craftsmanship to make your car seats beautiful.

Marine Protection in Columbus, Ohio
Like cars, boats also need to be professionally detailed on a regular basis. At Detail Pro Shop, we clean both the interior and exterior of your boat to make it shine from the inside out. From small features to large surfaces, we got all your boat detailing needs covered.

We vacuum the interior, clean windows, polish metal, hand wash, and wax the exterior, removing dust, dirt, rust, mold, and other contaminants. Our technicians are experts in the boating industry who work hard to provide your boat with the treatment it needs to look and feel brand new again.

Proper care is essential to preserving your boat’s exposed surfaces and increasing the value of your investment. Keep in mind that salt water, the sun, and other harsh elements can take a toll on gel coat, fiberglass, vinyl, metal, and other materials your vessel contains.

We detail seals to protect gel coating and extend the life of your boat. Also, we polish and seal Isinglass to prevent clouding and yellowing, while maintaining clarity. Our crew also polishes metal surfaces, to help remove corrosion and prevent future damage.

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About Us
Detail Pro Shop is a family-owned and operated business that provides the residents of Columbus, Ohio, full-service detailing for all vehicles, boats, aircraft, watercraft, and other equipment. We try to do our part to prevent global warming by using a variety of environmentally friendly products and services.

Get Full Car Detailing Services for Your Vehicle
If you are ready to make your vehicle look new again or even better than it was in its original state, contact us for car detailing in Columbus, Ohio.

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