man detailing red carYour vehicle is a mess. Not only are there stains on the floor mats but food crumbs between various components and smudges on the plastic and metal surfaces as well.

If this were your home, you wouldn’t accept its condition for a second. In fact, you’d probably be grabbing cleaning supplies and scrubbing residue away in a matter of minutes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that at all. You can instead turn to professional auto detailing services.

Why should you have your car detailed? Here are six reasons to consider doing so.

What Does Auto Detailing Entail?

First and foremost, let’s discuss what auto detailing entails. Generally speaking, it refers to a thorough and wide-scale cleaning of an entire automobile. This includes the vehicle’s interior body and exterior body, not to mention its windows, wheels, and undercarriage components.

The interior of the vehicle is first vacuumed completely. This removes dirt and debris from every nook and cranny of the vehicle’s interior. A super-powered vacuum is used in order to achieve this.

Following that, the hard interior components are wiped down with soap and water. The goal is to remove every smudge as well as all accumulations of residual buildup.

Then, the fabric components are shampooed. This not only eliminates stains but foul odors as well.

Next, the exterior of the vehicle’s body is cleaned. First, soap and water are used to remove visible residue. Then, wax is applied as a means of enhancing the vehicle’s look.

The windows are then cleaned thoroughly as well. They’re also rolled down so that any lodged debris can be thoroughly vacuumed out of their crevices.

Next up are the vehicle’s wheels. This includes not only the tires but the hub caps as well. All are cleaned entirely to rid the wheels of debris and residue.

Finally, the undercarriage components are wiped down so as to rid them of buildup. This leaves them shiny and new-looking.

In essence, this is a deep car cleaning. It’s not just a quick superficial wash but a thorough, all-encompassing one instead.

Why Consider Auto Detailing?

You might be thinking, “can’t I detail my car on my own?” In truth, you can. However, personal detailing doesn’t always reach the level of professional detailing.

There are numerous benefits to going with professional auto detailing, and they include the following:

1. It Protects Auto Paint

One reason to consider auto detailing is that it protects auto paint. This is due to the thorough washing that the exterior of the vehicle receives during the detailing process. This cleaning essentially frees the vehicle’s body of all damaging entities, thereby reducing the risk of permanent fading and smudging.

Auto detailing also includes the application of wax. Wax protects auto paint from scratching and therefore reduces the risk of paint damage over time.

We advise having your vehicle detailed at least twice a year. This should provide sufficient paint protection over time.

Note that some pro auto detailers offer other paint protection services as well. For instance, some will apply full-car protective films at an additional fee, thereby providing the vehicle with a paint-protective shell.

The point is that pro car detailing protects auto paint. If you want your vehicle to look as good as possible, be sure to have it detailed regularly.

2. It Optimizes the Resale Value of Your Vehicle

Let’s say that you want to sell your car. As it is, its upholstery is stained, there is debris caught between its many interior components, its paint is fading, and its tires are caked in dirt.

As you might expect, these many aesthetic defects are going to negatively affect the resale value of the vehicle. In other words, dealerships and independent buyers aren’t going to pay as much for it as they would for an identical car that’s in much better condition.

How can you get past this problem? Auto detailing! Auto detailing will ensure that your vehicle is in top aesthetic condition, thereby optimizing its resale value.

The upholstery will be spotless, the interior components will be free of residue, and the paint will possess a sleek and attractive shine. Yes, you’ll have to spend money over time in order to preserve this appearance. However, the additional money you get upon the sale will far outweigh any money that you spend on car maintenance.

3. It Keeps Foul Odors to a Minimum

The interior of a vehicle is adorned with cloth upholstery. Like all cloth, it has the potential to absorb various liquids. These liquids, after sitting for some time, will generally begin to produce foul odors.

The issue lies in getting these odors out. Scrubbing the upholstery with a soapy rag will only get you so far. If you really want to get those odors out of there, you’re going to have to use more intensive cleaning machines.

This is where professional auto detailing comes in. Pro auto detailers have all of the tools and resources needed to rid vehicle upholstery of foul odors. They’ll thoroughly shampoo your upholstery, making it look and smell as good as new.

This will make your vehicle much more pleasant to drive around in. It will also help to maintain the resale value of the vehicle in the event that you ever sell it.

4. It Optimizes Visibility

Auto detailing doesn’t just involve the cleaning of the vehicle’s interior and the cleaning of the vehicle’s body. It involves the cleaning of the vehicle’s windows and mirrors as well.

This is vital, as dirty windows and mirrors could very well lead to auto accidents. After all, they have the potential to cloud your vision, making it difficult for you to see signs, turns, and other drivers. This can be particularly troubling at night.

Auto detailing ensures that every last speck of residue is removed from both your windows and your mirrors. There’s no sheen of dust left. There are no smudges. The windows and mirrors provide exceptional visibility, keeping you safe the entire time you’re on the road.

Yes, you could attempt to clean your windows and mirrors on your own. However, your cleaning is likely to be less thorough. This is because you don’t have the equipment, training, or expertise possessed by a professional auto detailer.

5. It Staves Off Health Issues

Just like contaminants within a home can lead to health issues, so too can allergens within a vehicle. In fact, because vehicles are compact and confined, they might even leave you more vulnerable to said issues. As such, it becomes imperative that your vehicle is void of dust, mold, and various other contaminants.

Of course, you can help keep these at bay by simply cleaning your vehicle regularly. That said, even with regular cleanings, you’re still likely to leave some contaminants behind.

This is why it’s important to have your vehicle professionally detailed. Detailers have equipment and techniques that will rid the vehicle almost entirely of contaminants. From high-pressured vacuums to upholstery cleaning machines and more, they have the equipment necessary to get the job done.

By having your vehicle detailed, you’ll avoid allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, rash, and more. As a result, you’ll have a higher quality of life.

6. It Ensures That the Upholstery Is Spotless

Your vehicle’s upholstery is something akin to carpeting. Like carpet, it has the potential to take on stains and other blemishes. In fact, at some point in time, your upholstery is almost certainly going to become stained.

If you don’t clean it quickly and thoroughly, the stains may never go away. At that point, you’ll be living with ugly upholstery for the next decade or so.

This is why, when stains present themselves, it’s vital to have your vehicle professionally detailed. Pro auto detailers have the equipment necessary to eliminate hard-to-remove stains. If dealt with promptly, the stains in your vehicle will be removed entirely by a seasoned auto detailer.

This will not only help your vehicle to look nicer but will also help to maintain its resale value when the time comes to sell. So, while it will cost you money in the short term, it could save you money in the long run.

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