PPF Install

Paint Protection Film Installation 101

Paint protection film installation (PPF) is meant for those who want to keep their car, new or used, looking as shiny as the day it rolled off of the assembly line. Often, the cost of paint protection film is less than the depreciation amount associated with the chips and scratches that a lack of protection leaves you vulnerable to.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your ride any time soon, PPF installation is a smart idea for folks who want to keep their investment in good shape. There are a few different types of paint protection film, but you should never settle for anything less than a professional job.

What Does It Protect Against?

Paint protection film protects against the everyday wear and tear that comes with operating a motor vehicle. Specifically, it prevents damage from bug guts, road debris, bird excrement, and many other possible light scratches that can happen incidentally.

Avoid the Foggy Look

Different manufacturers use different materials and invest varying amounts of money in their products. Ideally, your PPF will not cause any discoloration long-term or produce any kind of hazy or foggy effect. It is important however to research which product each PPF tech uses and its efficacy. This can be the difference between a long-lasting shine and total disaster.

Does the Film Peel Over Time?

Again, this depends on the manufacturer and the company that applied the paint protection film. Most brands are resistant to this kind of wear and tear, but it can happen over time depending on how well the film was fitted on edges, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas.

The Most Versatile PPF

XPel is a leader in the paint protection film industry. We use this line of products not just for their quality, but also for the diversity of their brand. They offer an extensive line of films for many different preferences and finishes. Let’s take a look at a few of their offerings.

Ultimate Plus

Armed with self-healing polymers, Ultimate Plus is designed to help you maintain your new car’s value. It will keep it as vibrant and head-turning as the day that you bought it. Featuring additional stain resistance and advanced optical clarity, this wrap is sure to keep your ride looking brand new.


Stealth is specifically designed to covert your factory gloss paint to a matte finish.  It provides a very unique look and is definitely not a product that can be installed without significant experience.  Gaps around edges and/or bad patterns will be much more obvious, as the gloss paint will be in contract to your Stealth (matte) film.

Interior Protection

It’s universally accepted that a new-car feel on the interior is a refreshing feeling. Interior Protection can make that happen by protecting all of the elements of the interior of your new or used car. Spills, stains, nicks, and scratches become nil when this product is applied to the interior of your vehicle.

Installing Paint Protection Film

Okay, so you’re sold on the idea and are wondering how to install paint protection film on your own. While Pre-cut Kits are available on the market, professional installers have invested several thousands of dollars in their craft. Just as with any other professional trade, the folks who perform paint protection film installation understand all of the possible hiccups that may come with the job and how to make sure that you get the best quality installation for your money.

If you have emblems or decals on your car, they will need to be removed and replaced so that the film fits better, for example. That is not something that is easily done through the DIY method. Additionally, getting the edges just right to get proper coverage is a very important but very tricky task. Knowing how to properly seal the edges while the film is curing is of the utmost importance – something a professional is well-trained to handle.

Hiring the Right Installer

Hiring the right paint protection film installation technician is incredibly important. They have gone through countless hours of training and practice to obtain the know-how to get your car in the best shape to protect your investment. Considering that your car is likely your second-most expensive asset, making sure that your paint protection stands the test of time is paramount.

Find A Trusted Installer

Now that you know the ins and outs of paint protection film (hyperlink to PPF page) installation, it’s time to find an installer. Contact us (hyperlink to contact page} to discuss the right fit for you and your vehicle!