Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) is the ultimate form of paint protection. It’s that simple. Proven to protect any vehicle’s paint from rock chips, tree sap, etching, environmental fallout and rock salt, paint protection film will keep your car in the best condition possible. With a transparent, stain resistant topcoat that has self-healing properties, the film protects any part of the vehicle that it is applied to.

We offer a variety of options to protect your vehicle from door edge guards to full vehicle. We can provide a computer cut package made specifically for your vehicle with our state of the art software and equipment or we can hand-cut and customize an option for a specific area.

Paint Protection Film Protects against:

  • Rock Chips and Road Rash
  • Salt and Brine
  • Bugs and Bird Droppings
  • Scratches
  • Tree Sap and Contamination

Clear Bra Packages

Full Front

  • Full Bumper
  • Full Fenders
  • Full Hood
  • Side Mirrors
  • 10 Year Warranty

Partial Front

  • Full Bumper
  • Partial Fenders
  • Partial Hood
  • Side Mirrors
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Full Bumper
  • 10 Year Warranty

The Full Front Package is one of the best ways to keep the entire front of your vehicle protected.

The Partial Front Package is a great way to protect your most impacted area of your vehicle protected.

The Bumper package is good way to protect your most abused portion of your vehicle


Clear Bra Warranty

All paint protection film installations are backed by a 10 year warranty against fading, discoloration, and peeling.

Additional Clear Bra Services

Door Edge Guards

Applying Door Edge Guards is an affordable way to protect your door edge and other surfaces from being damages due to accidental openings or bumps.


Applying Clear Bra to your Jambs is a great way to keep your jambs from being scratched and damages from constant abuse of getting in and our of your vehicle.

High Impact Areas

Applying Clear Bra to High Impact Areas helps protect your most vulnerable portions of your vehicle. Sports cars may be more susceptible to damage in front of rear wheels and rockers, while trucks may be more concerned with debris kicking up behind rear wheels.

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