Exterior Premium Detail

The Best Detail

Looking for the best auto detailing near me? SUCCESS, You’ve come to the right place! With our Exterior Premium Detail we will get your car in top condition and looking like it has a brand new paint job! The top of the line Premium Detail includes everything that the standard detail includes.  This package also includes a complete surface decontamination, machine polish and buffer to remove all the paint surfaces light scratches scuffs and swirls and application of premier sealant and wax.  This package provides up to six months of durability.

The application of clay bar removes harmful contaminants from the surface of the paint that otherwise can’t be removed by a simple wash. This detail package will have your neighbor’s heads on a swivel as your car will be the best looking, cleanest car on the block.

* Actual pricing based on vehicle size and condition Details Start At $150 – $200 *

Included in Package

  • Hand Wash & Dry
  • Clean Wheels & Tires
  • Clean Windows
  • Apply Rain Repellent to Windshield and Side Mirrors
  • Dress Tires
  • Shine and Protect All Plastic Trim
  • Complete Surface Decontamination (Clay Bar / Surface Prep) all Paint, Chrome and Glass Surfaces
  • Machine Polish and Buff all Painted Surfaces to remove light Scratches, Scuffs and Swirls
  • Apply Premium Sealant / Wax (4-6 month durability)
The best way to protect your investment!